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Blue and <a href=astrology Grey' /> Cancers are one of the most emotional signs, but you would never guess it upon meeting one. They compensate for their incredible tenderness by shielding themselves from the world with a hard outer shell. In the rare instance that they do open up to someone, Cancers are said to become extremely invested in that person. , who suffered a lifetime of pain due to Polio and a near-death accident, and worked at a time when few women of color were recognized artists, opened up to one thing throughout her life: painting. Most of Kahlos major life events (surgery, marriage, and divorce, to name a few) were made into paintings with great intensity and nuance, which could relate to her being a Cancer. In her 1938 painting What the Water Gave Me, Kahlo painted her legs and feet submerged in a bathtub filled with gray water. Symbolic images of her life appear underwater, floating to the surface. Kahlos Cancerian traits shine through in this type of painting, where real experiences are balanced with insightful emotion. , one of the best-known artists of the 20th century, can be seen as the epitome of a Leo. After finishing school in Pittsburgh, Warhol abandoned his birth name (Andrew Warhola), landed on his iconic hairstyle, and moved to New York City.

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It's the last day of earthy energy that has created a rock-solid start for new love. However, later today, there's a boost of something a bit more intriguing and this can truly draw out the interest in all zodiac signs. The Moon moves from Capricorn into analytical Aquarius. Even though Aquarius isn't made from the same stuff that Virgo or Capricorn are, the idea of change is long past due for the Virgo Sun. For all zodiac signs, the desire to go off and try something new, to dig down into the depths of a particular relationship dynamic may be tempting. Aquarius is an air sign, and this can create a sense of emotional distance in love.There's a tendency to overdo things and to become too attached when there's a lot of earthy energy around. So, when love takes an objective approach the way an Aquarius can do, it can stir up fear that there's a problem of intimacy for some zodiac signs, and for others, the space is a nice and refreshing change. Either way, it's a prescription for doing things in a different way, and one of them is testing out how transparent the other partner is willing to go. RELATED: These 36 Questions Guarantee You'll Fall In Love (Says Study) If you want to go the Aquarian route, it's a perfect day for asking probing questions. Have you ever tried that test where you hold hands with someone and ask questions to see if you fall in love? With the mental connection between these two zodiac signs, it might be a fun thing to try out.

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